Top 10 Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Brands in 2020

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Brands

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Today we will talk about the top ten bathroom and kitchen faucet brands that you can consider while making a purchase in this year. The idea here is to know some of the trustworthy manufacturers so you can choose which faucet to buy. You may have heard about some of them while some of the brands might be new. 

1. Moen

Moen holds the number one position in the world of faucets. If you are living in America, then we can bet that you must have a Moen branded faucet in your home, office, gym, or somewhere. Moen products are free from lead or any such harmful substance, and hence Moen branded valves are also legal in Canada. 

Alfred M. Moen founded the brand in 1956. Since then they’ve been creating fantastic faucets. Apart from developing hardware, Moen has also developed multiple technologies to conserve water and improve user experience. EPA WaterSense saves water, M-PACT system allows you to upgrade a faucet without any plumbing replacement and Moentrol control enables you to control water pressure as well as temperature. These are some of the innovations by Moen that defines its planning and expertise in this category. 

Due to their innovative approach in designing bathroom and kitchen products, Moen received the 2019 H.D. Award Finalist and 2019 Architectural Digest Great Design Award. According to Lifestory research, Moen is America’s Most Trusted Faucet Brand. Apart from technology, it’s their customer support and services that are making the brand even more valuable among citizens.

Best Moen Faucets for Kitchen

Best Moen Faucets for Bathroom

2. Delta

If Moen is the Whale of the faucet world, then Delta is the basking shark. Due to breathtaking designs and cool technologies like Touch2O, ShieldSpray, and DIAMOND Seal, they are ruling the faucet dimension. All these features might be unknown to you, but trust us on one thing, Delta’s products and technologies are mind-blowing and deserve a space in your house. One thing that cannot disappoint you in your washroom is a Delta faucet. 

Owned by Masco Corporation, Delta began operations in 1954, and just after four years, its sales rose to more than a million dollars. The reason was their extensive range of faucets for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. Apart from faucets, they also manufacture other bathroom accessories like shower heads, toilets, tub fillers, etc.

In 2012, Delta received the Edison Best New Product Award for its high-quality products and customer support. In 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded them as WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year. 

Best Delta Faucets for Kitchen

Best Delta Faucets for Bathroom

3. Kohler

Kohler is another big name in the field of kitchen and bathroom related items. Ask any U.S. citizen and he or she will choose Kohler over any other brand. And there are reasons why Kohler is one of the most popular faucet manufacturers. Like Grohe, they have also mastered the making of water-saving products. Be it any season, their faucets work like new.

Kohler faucets are attractive as well as durable. Apart from faucets, the brand also provides a wide range of sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets. They have all the fixtures and attachments that will assist you in designing a high standard bathroom.

Kohler was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler. Based in Wisconsin, the brand is located in a place with the same name. Apart from delivering high-quality products with the latest features, Kohler is also an innovative brand. In CES 2019, they revealed the Konnect series of bathroom fixtures that can be controlled via Google Home and Alexa.

Best Kohler Faucets for Kitchen

Best Kohler Faucets for Bathroom

4. Pfister

The next big fish in the faucet sea is Pfister. Whether its kitchen or bathroom faucets, they are one of the most trusted plumbing brands. Different government and private organizations certify their products as safe, lead-free, and water-saving. Pfister has won more ADEX prizes than any other brand on this list. 

Founded in 1910 by William Pfister and Emil Price, the brand was known as Price Fister until 2010. Their first product was a garden faucet. After the world war, the brand gained popularity and they started making kitchen and bathroom faucets. 

Best Pfister Faucets for Kitchen

Best Pfister Faucets for Bathroom

5. American Standard

American Standard faucets are available in a variety of designs built for different purposes. Whether you need pull-down, wall mount, single or dual handed faucets, this is the brand you should browse. If you are modifying your kitchen or building new infrastructure, you can choose American Standard faucets because you will surely find an option from the brand that will suit your mood and interior decoration. 

The American brand based in New Jersey was formed in 2008. Owned by the Lixil group, the brand also manufactures various other kitchen and bathroom attachments, including showers, sinks, and toilets. In 2015, American Standard reserved a top spot in Builder Magazine for Brand Familiarity in the division of Bathroom related components.

Best American Standard Faucets for Kitchen

Best American Standard Faucets for Bathroom

6. Grohe

Another leading manufacturer of sanitary products, Grohe tries to upgrade the style ratio of your cooking and bathing area with its eye-catching faucets. The brand always emerges with new technologies that make it even more popular. Whether it’s their GROHE Blue filter technology that turns normal tap water into filtered water or EasyTouch technology that lets you operate the faucet without making any contact, they are all notable and enhance your living standard. Apart from faucets, the brand also makes showers and water filtration systems. 

Friedrich Grohe founded the German brand in 1936. Lixil Group acquired Grohe and its 6000 employees in 2014. Their registered office is in Hemer, and their headquarter is at Düsseldorf. Grohe has received several national and multinational awards, including CSR Award, K.B. Culture Awards 2017, German Sustainability Award 2016, and Great Design Award 2017.

Best Grohe Faucets for Kitchen

Best Grohe Faucets for Bathroom

7. Hansgrohe

Don’t try to find similarities between Grohe and Hansgrohe because these two are entirely different entities. There is only one internal relationship between these two. Hans Grohe found the brand Hansgrohe in 1901. Founder of Grohe, Friedrich Grohe, is the son of Hans Grohe. So, father and son are the competitors in this case. However, Hansgrohe is more famous in France than in the USA. 

Hansgrohe faucets are all about quality. Whether it’s design, style, or appearance, their products excel all departments. The brand is renown across the globe for highly functional products. Talking about the USA, it is one of the biggest manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom faucets. 

Like Grohe, Hansgrohe also tries to produce water-saving products, and they are quite successful. Their EcoRight showers and faucets come with up to 60 percent reduced water flow when compared to other models. These are the reasons why the brand has received multiple awards, including the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2012, Red Dot Design Award and iF Design award 2016.

Best Hansgrohe Faucets for Kitchen

Best Hansgrohe Faucets for Bathroom

8. Chicago Faucets

Chicago faucets are not as big as Moen or Delta, but their popularity is gaining new heights year after year. The sole reason is their high-quality products that can be used in both residential and commercial infrastructures. Apart from faucets, the brand also manufactures fountains, fillers, remote valves/spouts, urinal valves, and many more similar items. 

In 1913, Albert C. Brown founded the company in Chicago (Illinois). Swiss Geberit AG acquired the firm in 2005, and now its headquartered at Des Plaines (Illinois). Over these years of inception and acquisition, the brand has evolved a lot. It is still growing and trying to give you some of the best bathroom and kitchen accessories to purchase in the United States. 

Best Chicago Faucets for Kitchen

Best Chicago Faucets for Bathroom

9. Kingston Brass

Another leader in the production of kitchen and bathroom faucets, Kingston Brass continuously offers high-quality products. Whether its bathroom or kitchen sinks, faucets, toilets, or shower systems, the brand introduces new designs every year. If we talk about kitchen and bathroom faucets, they have pull-down, pull-out, pre-rinse, and many other faucets that you can imagine. They have virtually unlimited options in every category that you can choose from. 

Kingston Brass started in 1998 and their registered office is in Chino, California. Since its inception, the brand has been producing high quality, lead-free faucets that are safe for all users.

Best Kingston Brass Faucets for Kitchen

Best Kingston Brass Faucets for Bathroom

10. ROHL

In 1983, Ken Rohl started ROHL in Europe and brought it to the USA. Even after 36 years, the brand carries the same style, beauty, and ability to satisfy its users. They always test new ideas and try to manufacture something exceptional. Today, RPHL is respected for their original design and excellent craftsmanship. If you want something highly luxurious and stylish, go for ROHL.

Best ROHL Faucets for Kitchen

Best ROHL Faucets for Bathroom

Other Faucet Brands to Consider


Jaclo has been manufacturing bathroom and kitchen accessories since 1901, including faucets, shower heads, toilets, hand showers, etc. It’s run by the Jaclo family and has been operating for five generations. Their products are popular in the USA because they use modern technologies in the manufacturing process and they maintain a look and style suited for a variety of areas.


Another brand that’s trying to make an impact in the category of bathroom and kitchen fittings. Though Phylrich was started 50 years back, they recently launched their journey in the USA. Now their products are manufactured in the USA but are expensive when compared to other brands. 


Danze has been manufacturing top quality products with the latest designs for the last 20 years. Whether you need shower systems, faucets, toilets, pot fillers, or related accessories, you can try Danze. 

Brand Selection and Faucet Buying Guide

When browsing for faucets for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other area, you need to think about several aspects. In this section, we will talk about the points that you should consider while making the buying decision.

Style and Appearance:

One of the most crucial aspects of a faucet is its design, which should match the chosen kitchen or bathroom décor. Moen and Delta have a variety of valves with different finishes. From the pull-down, pull out, one handle, to two handles, they have a product that will match your interior design.


Most buyers overlook the shape and size of a faucet. The height of the spout is critical, especially in the kitchen. There are multiple tasks in the kitchen, including filling pots and washing dishes. If the spout is too small, you might not be able to get a pitcher under it. If you need a long spout, make sure there is enough clearance around the faucet; there shouldn’t be a cabinet or any other blockage. 


Think about the operation of a faucet or you might end up purchasing an inappropriate model. When we talk about operation we mean its usage. A touchless faucet or a traditional one, one handle or two handles, pull down or pull out? What will be best for your kitchen or bathroom? Whether you browse Moen, Delta, or Pfister, you will find different attractive options to choose from. This is why you should decide on the category and usage first.

Required Number of Holes:

The number of holes will vary according to the type of faucet, style, and location. The three-hole system is the most common. However, one and four-hole systems are the other installation methods. In the three-hole pattern, two of them are for hot and cold water lines while the third one is for the faucet itself. In the four-hole pattern, the fourth hole is for the spray head. Some touchless valves also come with a single hole installation.

Final Words

If you are modifying your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area, you would need a new faucet to make that area functional. With so many brands and models available in the market, it might be hard for you to find the right option. That’s why we discussed the top ten bathroom and kitchen faucet brands today. No matter the type of fixtures you need, these brands are versatile enough to provide you with everything you need. 

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