10 Best Online Grocery Shopping Sites in 2020 – Family Picks

Online Grocery Shopping

Purchasing from online stores is one of the best ways to get groceries at home. By using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can almost order anything from the comfort of your house. Most online groceries stores offer free pickup and delivery, so you don’t have to pay extra bucks to shop daily groceries online. Moreover, you will get some discount coupons and cashback while shopping online.

As you know, there are so many online grocery stores available and it is hard to know the right choice for you. To make this process easy, we have listed some top-rated grocery stores with advantages and disadvantages in this article.

If you are in a hurry to order your weekly groceries, check this quick section to find a store.

Credit: Walmart

Most people in the USA love Walmart stores when shopping. And why not? It’s the number one grocery store in the states and has an extensive and high-quality selection of kitchen and household items. Even if you don’t have one nearby, you can schedule a pick-up time while ordering the groceries. Need doorstep delivery? No worries, Walmart also offers home delivery.



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Credit: Amazon.co.uk

The name is enough to introduce this brand, Amazon. The world’s largest retailer also has a grocery department named ‘Amazon Fresh’. Thousands of items are available in this department, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats.

The Amazon website and app are very straightforward and easy to browse with numerous useful options. For example, if you search for meat, you will see a variety of results with different information, including type of meat, brand, price, and more.

Amazon has a Prime membership option for its customers, wherein the members can receive all groceries at their doorstep without paying delivery charges. Prime members also get low price considerations.



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Instacart is a unique web store, it connects customers with local shoppers and ships the products as per the item selected in the cart. Customers can enjoy same-day delivery in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, D.C, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Washington, Houston, and many more. In all these regions, they can shop from online stores like VS, Sam’s Club, ALDI, and some more. The website and app are intuitive and available from 9 AM till late midnight, depending on the open stores.

Instacart Express is another feature that you would like to subscribe to if you need free deliveries on all shipments above $35. Under the express membership, you can also enjoy reduced service tax. Moreover, you will not have to pay extra during peak hours.



Fresh Direct
Credit: Freshdirect

If you live in the states and need clean and organic food items, then Fresh Direct is the website you should browse. Enter your zip code to check if they cover your residential area. The store collects eatables and other items from local dairies and farms. So, the food materials that you receive are free from pesticides and other chemicals.

Apart from a nutrition level, weight, and other information, Fresh Direct also mentions the duration a particular food will remain fresh. If you want to prepare something special this weekend, you can order all the ingredients according to their freshness level.




Kroger is another reputable online grocery store that has a range of brands. Kroger has a section to browse and purchase recipes, which is an exciting and unique feature. If you like any of the methods, you can order all the necessary ingredients at the same time. The website has several options to save, including cashbacks, fuel rewards, and many more. Coupons and regular discounts are available as well.

Kroger has community rewards, especially for non-profit organizations like churches and schools. If you belong to any of these establishments, you can get help in the fundraising.



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One of the biggest online grocery stores in the US, Kmart stocks all the grocery items you need in your day-to-day life. The store does not have many discounts, but they offer three delivery options. First is the free pickup that can be done by using any of the debit or credit cards, and you can also enjoy doorstep delivery anywhere in the US. The third is the most exciting way, wherein you can ship internationally back to your family members or close ones. If you want to gift someone who is living away from you, choose Kmart.



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With a farm to table thought and infrastructure, LocalHarvest connects well with buyers looking for fresh and organic products. You can check the availability in your area using the zip code.

Their website has different sections for farm produce and farmers markets. If you want to subscribe to a particular food item, you can choose to browse Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), wherein you only have to visit the growing site once each season. Once you are satisfied, you can get the products at your doorstep, depending on the availability.



grocery shopping
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Serving the US region since 2001, Shopfoodex has over 15000 grocery items. So, you have to make a list, open its website, and start taking advantage of running discounts and seasonal produce.

Shipping rates are comparatively higher than other online stores. The delivery charges differ according to the region, so it’s better to check on the website by entering your zip code. However, they can slash the delivery charges by 33 percent if your order value is more than $100. You can browse and checkout without creating a user account, which is excellent if you are running low on time.



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Safeway has over 2200 stores that are covering over 33 US states and the District of Columbia. Its chain involves over 275,000 people, so you have a wide variety of products to choose from.

Like Kroger, Safeway also has a section for recipes. But the latter has a Pharmacy market, which is one of its kind.



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With over 300 retail stores, Costco offers groceries at relatively low prices. For further discounts, free deliveries, and other perks, you need to be a member. Visit the website, check the available products and refill now.


They have two options for doorstep delivery: same day and two days. But home delivery is only available at selected locations. Costco is one of the flagship stores that made online grocery shopping famous in Canada. And why not? The company started in 1976 as a retail warehouse selling products at wholesale prices. But now it’s one of the biggies in terms of groceries and other products.



Other Great Websites to Shop for Daily Groceries


Gobiofood offers top quality food items for the United States and Canada. Also, if your order value is more than $85, Gobiofood ships it for free. If you want to live healthily and enjoy organic eatables, then you will find lots of them here. Gobiofood also has a section of recipes that you can download and purchase ingredients accordingly.  


If you want some great bargains, Shoprite is the store to visit. One of the lowest priced online grocery shops, it donates eatables to charities and trusts. Free pick-up and home delivery available. Shoprite also has a pharmacy section, just like Safeway.


Make your life healthy by shopping for organic food products on Peapod. They have fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and other items that you need for daily cooking. Using climate-controlled truces and white glove delivery, this store gives you farm fresh produces.

Final Words

You have all the best websites to buy daily groceries for your family, we expect that you can easily make an order of your preference. Always compare the prices and freshness while shopping for groceries. Try to find organic and farm products for a healthier life. If you want meat, dairy, and fish products, make sure to check the freshness level. Eat healthy, live strong.

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