Top 10 Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Brands in 2020

Sink Brands

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If you are building a new house or want to modify your kitchen for a fresh appearance, you would require a new sink, it is an essential part of your home. It’s the reason why multiple brands are trying to make an impact with their products. Apart from numerous manufacturers, endless models built of different materials cause confusion. So, today we will discuss ten best kitchen and bathroom sink brands that are reliable and offer quality products. Knowing the details will help you choose a better product for quality experience and less repair. 

1. Kraus

Founded in 2007, Kraus revolutionized the kitchen and bath experience by manufacturing a wide range of fixtures that are stylish as well as inexpensive. The brand is highly successful when it comes to kitchen and bathroom sinks. The company mostly deals in stainless steel, ceramic, and granite composite sinks. Due to their engineering, expertise, and creativity, Kraus is winning hearts across and enjoying unparalleled success.

Kraus has something for everyone. Whether you need a farmhouse sink, useful single bowls, or multipurpose multi bowl sinks, the brand has them available. If you want something compact for a small kitchen, a signification water draining solution for a large commercial establishment, Kraus has them.

Best Kraus Sink for Kitchen

Best Kraus Sink for Bathroom

2. Houzer

Houzer has a wide range of high-quality sink designs made with different materials. The brand is very confident about their products, most of their products come with a lifetime warranty.

Houzer offers sinks that you can use in the kitchen, laundry, and lavatory. Their products are durable and never lose their shine. Houzer sinks are generally stain proof, scratch-resistant, smooth, and require minimal maintenance. Their products do not have any significant downside that we can mention here. Houzer sinks are suitable for someone who needs a durable and aesthetically appealing fixture at an affordable price. 

Best Houzer Sink for Kitchen

Best Houzer Sinks for Bathroom

3. Kohler

If you are an individual with a rich taste, go for a Kohler sink. Whether you need a kitchen fixture or something to install in your bathroom, the brand gives you several attractive options. They make sure that the design and performance remain constant as time flies. 

Founded in 1873, the brand belongs to Wisconsin. They are best known for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but they are also involved in generators, engines, tiles, cabinetry, furniture, and tiles. 

Best Kohler Sink for Kitchen

Best Kohler Sink for Bathroom

4. KES

Founded in 1996, KES is located at Dongxi Development Zone, ZhiShan Town, HeshanShi. It is one of the oldest sink brands, with more than 200 physical outlets in China. Due to well-developed factories and trained employees, the brand has gained worldwide recognition within 23 years. 

Best KES Sink for Kitchen

Best KES Sink for Bathroom

5. Nantucket

A reputable American brand well known for manufacturing high-quality kitchen and bathroom related fixtures. Located in Rhode Island, Nantucket sinks are manufactured and imported from Italy. We all know that Italian sinks are respected for their quality and appearance. The brand has a wide range of Italian sinks that can suit any decor. 

Nantucket products are created according to the latest fashion and style. So, it’s an excellent brand for homeowners who prefer style and value for money

Best Nantucket Sink for Kitchen

Best Nantucket Sink for Bathroom

6. Luxier

If you want to choose from a wide range of kitchen or bathroom sinks, then Luxier is the brand you should consider. All the sinks, faucets, shower panels, and other bathroom accessories from this brand are either made to meet or exceed your expectations. Luxier is one of the most reliable brands because of its competitive pricing, durable products, and excellent after-sales service. 

Best Luxier Sink for Kitchen

Best Luxier Sink for Bathroom

7. Miligore

Quality, durability, and design, these traits are not strange to all Miligore sinks. Whether you want to add some style to your washroom or kitchen, you can get one of their vessels or under-mount sinks suitable for your style and budget. Due to the glamour of Miligore sinks, be ensured that one of them will instantly upgrade any area; whether it’s your cooking space or bathing cabin. 

Best Miligore Sink for Kitchen

Best Miligore Sink for Bathroom

8. American Standard

Working on quality and innovation from the last 140 years, American Standard has been one of the top suppliers of sinks that can be used in commercial or residential establishments. Apart from sinks, the North American brand also manufactures faucets, showers, bathtubs, and all other related items that you might need in a washroom or cooking area. Whether you need style or performance that can make your life better, choose one of the brand’s fixtures for your house. Due to their worldwide presence, you can purchase their products online or from one of their physical stores. 

American Standard has multiple varieties of kitchen and bathroom sinks available in different colors, designs, and price ranges. However, some of the curved sinks are not very easy to clean because they trap debris in the corners.

Best American Standard Sink for Kitchen

Best American Standard Sink for Bathroom

9. CBath

CBath is one of the global leaders when it comes to kitchen and bathroom related items. The brand offers high-quality products at affordable prices, and all of them are backed by top-notch customer support and services. Founded in 2006, the brand collaborated with several manufacturers and dealers to offer a competent price range and sinks at low cost. If you want a durable kitchen or bathroom sinks at affordable prices, try CBath.

Best CBath Sink for Kitchen

Best CBath Sink for Bathroom

10. Swanstone

Many of us trust a brand based on their expertise and years in a particular business. Well, for those users, Sawn and Swanstone sinks could be the best because the brand has been selling kitchen/bathroom sinks and related accessories for more than 40 years now. When it comes to physical appearance or durability, Sawn sinks are nothing less than amazing. 

Best Swanstone Sink for Kitchen

Best Swanstone Sink for Bathroom

Brand Selection and Sink Buying Guide

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or vanity room, a sink can make or break things. So, you have to careful and find the right one. We know that many companies are into the production of such fixtures. It’s the reason we discussed the top ten best kitchen and bathroom sink brands that are available to purchase in 2020. In this section, we will talk about a few other factors that will help you find the right product. 

Sink Style

While browsing for sinks, you will encounter single bowls, double bowls, oval-sized, and farmhouse sinks. You should select one of these depending on your choice, requirements, and available space. Single basin sinks like Kraus KHU100-30 are the most common ones, and they are sold by most brands. Dual basin sinks like KOHLER K-3361-4-NA are comparatively expensive and occupy a more significant area. 

Oval shaped sinks are attractive, but the most popular version nowadays is the farmhouse sink. A farmhouse fixture like Luxier AFS30-18Z looks excellent because of its apron design and classic nature. 

Build Material

Different types of materials are used to construct bathroom and kitchen sinks. It’s essential to choose a durable product from a reliable brand to avoid repeated maintenance or investment in repair. Different materials come in various colors and designs. Kraus, Kohler, Luxier has some of the best stainless steel kitchen sinks that you can purchase. 

Stainless steel is the most recommended and preferred material when it comes to kitchen sinks. Irrespective of the style, if a pan is made of stainless steel, it will last for long and seek minimal maintenance. Granite is also gaining popularity because of its durable and scratch-resistant nature.


You need to check the size of the cabinet. If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Measurements are also required for new infrastructure so that you can build the cabinets or slabs to fit the sink. You have to choose the exact size, but large sinks are always better; unless you have a compact washroom.

Final Words

We have discussed the top ten kitchen and bathroom sink brands and also mentioned their top-selling products. Whenever you purchase a fixture or any other accessory for your cooking or bathing area, choose from any of these reliable brands. Kraus is the best manufacturer for sinks and we would recommend the same brand over others. However, that does not mean that other manufacturers are wrong. Choose a product depending on your budget, requirements, and factors mentioned in the buying guide. 

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