30 Essential Home and Kitchen Appliances for Daily Family Living

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Have you ever thought about the number of appliances required to complete all your daily activities? To know the right answer, you have to rewind your day. Did an alarm clock wake you up? Did you grab a bottle of water from the fridge? Was the air conditioner on when you woke up? Was it the coffee maker you used first or the juicer? The list will keep going on until you sleep.

Due to inventions brought by the efforts of science, we are enjoying a delightful life even after a fast-paced lifestyle. Let us discover thirty such home and kitchen appliances that promote our convenience and gives us better living conditions.

1. Refrigerator

Next time you pull out the ice tray from your fridge, stop for a second and imagine what your life would be like without the big cold chamber. No fresh vegetables or butter slices, not even a glass of chilled water. Expand it to the commercial level, and you will know that there will not be any shipment of milk or meats without freezing them. So, it’s self-explanatory why you need a fridge in your house.

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2. Washing Machine

As long as we wear clothes, we have to find a way to keep them clean. A few thousand years ago, everyone used to beat the crap out of their clothes to get rid of stains. Now, the stones are replaced by wooden bats, but the process is prolonged, time consuming, tiresome, and the results are also less than pleasant.

Washing machines are built to save you from spending hours scrubbing clothes. Now, you can go for a manicure session while a piece of automatic equipment washes your clothes. It’s the reason why the washing machine is another home appliance we cannot live without.

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3. Telephone

From tabletop and wall-mounted fixtures to a wireless device using satellites, phones have developed a lot to keep you connected. Landlines or smartphones are one of the integral components of our lives; it’s a way to communicate on both personal and professional levels. Chatting, social activities, banking, or multimedia, the smartphone is the hub for everything in today’s scenario.

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4. Television

The idea of photoconductivity and virtual persistence came into existence by the late 19th century. Today, there are more than 1.5 billion television sets across the globe. Switch on the television and the window to the whole world opens to you. Due to high competition, imaging manufacturers are trying to give viewers more control. Automatic record and play, pause live games and USB downloads of daily soaps are some of the new technologies that came into existence in the 20th century.

Whether you want to watch movies, know what’s happening around the world, or learn about wildlife, the television is helpful everywhere. It is a great source of entertainment while you enjoy your meal or enjoy some peace at home on a Saturday evening.

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5. Air Conditioning

During heat waves, you can enjoy a cold beverage for a while and even sit under shade to get rest. But, can you stay comfortable inside your house without an air conditioner? It promises to keep the temperature in control, even on the hottest afternoons. So, it’s excellent to own an A.C. if you don’t want sweat and humidity to disturb you while working or taking some rest.

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6. Computer

Information technology and its network has changed our lives in the last three decades. Computers, including notebooks and tablets, are the flagship devices when we talk about I.T. They are everywhere. It’s hard to find an individual whose life is not impacted by computers or its technologies. The smartphone is also a piece of modern technology that performs many functions of a computer.

Computers are fast. If you are a professional, then the notebook is nothing less than a body part. For others, it’s a great way to watch movies, learn, explore, and connect because the internet is a whole new world.

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7. Iron

Not a luxury item anymore, irons are essential appliances that are required to look sharp. After all, it’s about the first impression. Nowadays there are lightweight ironing devices available with a non-stick plate and swiveling cord for the natural refreshment of clothes. There are multiple steam spray irons like PurSteam steamer that makes the ironing process even more accessible.

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8. Water Purifier

No one wants to compromise on drinking water, and no one should. A drastic increase in pollution has made tap water unsafe, and you can’t boil water every time you’re thirsty. This is where a water purifier comes into the picture. Easy to use, this appliance can keep you and your family healthy and safe from water-borne diseases.

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9. Hair Dryer

Using a hairdryer is an everyday task we all know about. You can also use it on nails with fresh polish and set the color faster and longer. There are many more uses, but the primary use remains the same. It’s required in the morning to dry the keratins and save time. Invest in one if you are an office goer. And ladies, we don’t think you need any reason to purchase one.

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10. Clock

Digital or analog, you can notice it on a classroom wall, in your office, at the ATM, in the bank, clocks are everywhere. And why not? Time is the most valuable resource humans have. So, the clock is the only thing in this practical world that can keep you on time. You should have a clock because we know time will not remain the same after a second.

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11. Vacuum Cleaner

Removing dirt and debris from carpets and hard floors using traditional tools is tiresome. But vacuums have electrically driven suction power to draw dust from floors, upholstery, furniture, etc. A vacuum cleaner is helpful because it picks up waste, including pet hair, and gives you a clean place to live. You can own it if you don’t want to get under the sofa and bed bases with a broom in your hand.

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12. Geyser

It requires a lot of courage to bath during winter, but this tough task can be accomplished using a geyser. It can shoot up your utility bills, but there are no other options. If you want to be fresh and energetic on cold mornings, you need one of these water heating devices.

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13. Air Purifier

An air purifier works against the impurities present in the air we breathe indoors. Dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other air pollutants are inevitable in today’s living world. We need something that can capture all these pollutants to keep us safe, healthy, and allergy-free. It’s the reason every house requires air purifiers.

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14. Room Heater

Whether you live in a small flat or a big house, room heaters are required during winter. Room heaters are generally portable and wall mountable. A room heater either uses electricity, oil, or gas to operate. It’s focused on providing a warm and comfortable environment indoors. It is an excellent device for elderlies and individuals with mobility disorders.

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15. Inverter

An inverter is required to convert direct current to alternate current, so you can run electronic items on battery. Inverters are useful for areas where power cuts are frequent, an inverter keeps you comfortable and active, irrespective of the status of electricity in your area. If you want to enjoy undisturbed sleeping or working hours when you are at your residence, try an inverter.

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15 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

01. Microwave Oven

A microwave represents the concept of quick meals, whether its new preparation or reheat. We are not talking about taste or fast cooking, it’s about convenience and the excitement of trying new recipes. Whether you need to boil pasta or hotdog, there is nothing better than a microwave. Modern kitchens deserve a microwave, and so do you, because you’d rather not switch on the gas stove and arrange multiple pots only to reheat your dinner, especially in the winters. 

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02. Toaster

The toaster is a necessary appliance that can be found in most kitchens nowadays. The only device that can give you crispbreads in the morning without taking much of your valuable time is a toaster. You should include it in the kitchen to enjoy a quick breakfast in the morning.

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03. Electric Kettle

Here comes another handy as well as useful kitchen appliance, but it’s mostly beneficial for individuals who love coffee or tea at regular intervals. But yes, it’s helpful while making noodles and preparing other things as well. Many people use it to heat water to go with medicines or lemon to lose weight. Try COSORI Electric Kettle if you need one.

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04. Coffee Maker

Everyone loves a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t you? For some people, it works every time, morning, afternoon, or evening. It’s the reason you can find it in every modern kitchen, whether it’s residential or official.

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05. Blender

An essential device to prepare soup, smoothies, and sauces. Blenders are perfect for mixing a few things. Do not confuse a food processor for a blender, the latter has a less powerful motor and can only be used with liquids or a soft mix like bananas or strawberry. You can enjoy a blender if you love to have a protein shake after workout sessions or if you want to enjoy shakes made of milk, mango, strawberry, etc.

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06. Food Processor

If a quick menu is onboard or you want to cut a lot of fruits or vegetables at the same time, then a food processor is useful. Most of these devices include a lot of blades that apply to different objects. For example, the Hamilton Beach food processor comes with a chopping blade, slicing disc, and many other attachments that can be useful in your daily cooking activities.

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07. Dishwasher

The market is full of many essential kitchen appliances, but this is not for cooking or making your meals tastier, this is for your convenience. Instead of wasting hours washing dishes after dinner, you can deploy a dishwasher and focus on preparing your bed.

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08. Sandwich Maker

This is a perfect kitchen appliance for kitchens that serve families, especially families with school-going kids. Crispbread and soft fillings are trademark results of a sandwich maker. Whether it’s a lunch pack, quick breakfast, or even a picnic, a sandwich maker spills out the best if you know what you are doing.

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09. Juicer

An appliance that extracts juice from vegetables, herbs, and fruits is sold as a juicer, and the process is called juicing. Some juicers also act as food processors. Such kitchen appliances are best for health-conscious individuals or someone who enjoys a glass of mango juice in the morning.

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10. Rice Cooker

Useful for busy chefs and office goers, a cooker quickly prepares the desired meal for you. If you are a professional and it’s late when you reach home, you can easily use a cooker to prepare a wide range of items. Or you can simmer something already prepared by one of your family members. Whether its daytime or night, a rice cooker can be used to prepare a meal in a fast and delicious way. For this reason, a cooker deserves a seat in your kitchen.

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11. Gas Stove

Made to cook your food whenever you need, a gas stove is an integral part of a kitchen. You cannot imagine a cooking area without a gas stove. Heaters, induction cookers, and microwaves are useful, but when it comes to cooking lunch or dinner, none of them can compete with a furnace. It gives you virtually unlimited ideas and convenience to prepare whatever instructions come from your mind or family members.

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12. Kitchen Knife

You can get away with anything, but you can’t effectively cook without a knife. So, invest in a high-quality knife that can be used for long. A knife set with different blades for a variety of food materials and cutting purposes is a good idea. A knife set will also save you storage space and keep your family safe from an unattended sharp object. You must have a kitchen knife in your house. If not, then invest in a high-quality knife like this from Utopia. You can also choose the knife block set from J.A. Henckels.

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13. Food Steamer

A steam cooker or steamer is a small appliance that prepares food items by steaming. It holds the objects inside an enclosed chamber similar to a rice cooker so that none of the steam can escape, and you get the desired taste and texture. A food steamer is advantageous if you like to enjoy steamed vegetables or chicken.

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14. Deep Fryers

Whether its French fries, chicken fingers, or hush puppies, a deep fryer is needed for them to be delicious and tasty. It can be healthy if you use olive oil. Bring restaurant-like taste to your in-house dinner table by investing in a deep fryer if you don’t have one.

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15. Stand Mixers

Cake butter and bread dough are tough to mix or stir. If you have ever prepared baked items in the house, then you already know this. Stand mixers make it easy for you to combine dry and wet objects. Some stand mixers also come with attachments useful for kneading.

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Final Words

An efficient house and kitchen should be comfortable and less frustrating. Living and meal planning is straightforward and convenient if you have the above-mentioned appliances. Most of the essential kitchen devices do not have high price tags, but the same cannot be said for large home appliances.

Whenever you plan to purchase any of the above-mentioned objects, try to find a high-quality product that will serve you for a long time without further investment. Also, only purchase devices that you need. For example, there is no point investing in a food steamer if you are not going to steam vegetables in it.

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